Urban Body Health Spa

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Registered Massage Therapy


Stretch your muscles, activate blood flow, relieve stress and 

increase your range of motion while also relieving pain.

Improving and maintaining your health through massage on a regular basis 

will not only benefit you in these areas but will also leave you feeling calm and relaxed.

30 min  ~  $55
45 min  ~  $70
60 min  ~  $85
90 min  ~  $125

*Note:  Prices listed include applicable taxes 
We are proud to offer direct benefit billing for Registered Massage Therapy Clients, please carefully review the information below as all information must be available at your appointment time and is required to submit claims on your behalf.   Please print and fill out all forms below and bring them to your appointment. All will need to be completed prior to submitting the claim. Forms are available to complete in the spa however, to save time, we recommend to fill them out prior to the appointment.
**Please also note that if your claim is not approved by your benefit provider upon submission you will be responsible for the appointment cost.

Please bring the items below with you to your appointment:
1) Your current benefit card or a photocopy or picture of it.  
2) The full name and date of birth of the policy holder (example: yourself, your spouse or parent/guardian)