Urban Body Health Spa

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Express Facial (30 mins)  ~  $50

  • Only have a little time but want your skin renewed & refreshed? Includes deep cleansing, steam, complex treatment cream and                massage.

Signature Facial (1 hr)  ~  $85
  • Included with this facial are therapeutic grade pure essential oils harvested in only the richest region of France. The vitamins &             minerals trapped within the oils will enter every pore and leave your skin with the ultimate boost.

Men's Facial (1 hr)  ~  $75
  • A deeply relaxing treatment which protects against the harsh ageing effects of shaving and environmental damage, beginning                  with a massage for the neck and shoulders this facial will deep cleanse and condition. This customised skin treatment is the                      ultimate overhaul for male skin.

Anti-age Facial (1 hr)  ~  $90

Deep Cleansing Facial (1 hr)  ~  $80
  • A natural fruit acid treatment designed to deep clean & clarify the complexion, drawing out impurities and balancing skin's pH              levels. For all skin types.

Teen Facial (1 hr)  ~  $75 
  • Adolescent skin generally produces more sebum, or oil, than more mature skin due to hormone changes. Although the skin is                  usually well-hydrated at this age, excess oil can contribute to acne.  Facial includes skin consultation, cleansing, steaming,                          exfoliating, extractions, treatment creams and mask.

Back Facial (1 hr)  ~  $75
  • The skin of your back can be the most neglected, give it the attention it deserves with a refreshing and deep cleansing back facial.         This treatment can also address uneven skin texture and acne-prone skin. Includes cleansing, exfoliating, steaming and                              extractions (if  needed) followed by a deep cleansing mask.

Swiss Med Bio-Lift Facial (1 hr)  ~  $115
  • Diminish fine lines and wrinkles with a pseudo Botox ingredient that de-contracts expression lines without injections especially           around the eyes and lips.  This exclusive treatment from Switzerland includes an alpha beta peel, a toning massage and a collagen           fleece mask leaving the skin visibly smoother, younger and more moisturized.  This facial is effective for all skin types including               sensitive. After a single treatment, 95% of clients experience younger looking skin.

Vitamin C Facial (1 hr)  ~  $90
  • Rehydrate and improve your skins appearance. 

Swiss Med Alpha-Beta Peel (30 mins)  ~  $60 or $215 (series of 4 paid in advance)

  • Swiss Med Alpha-Beta Peels consist of Alpha-Beta Hydroxyl Acids. These are powerful skin acids calibrated to produce a                          controlled resurfacing action, without irritation. These safe, yet effective peels can be used on ALL skin types including sensitive/          reactive and acne.  Benefits include: reduced fine lines, increased cell regeneration and collagen formation, kills P. Acne bacteria              and reduces blemishes, unclogs and shrinks pores, reverses sun damage, smooths rough dry areas and reduces hyper                                      pigmentation.

Glycolic Peel (30 min)  ~  $55 or $275 (series of 6 paid in advance)

  • Designed to ease fine lines, diminish age spots, even the complexion and assist with acne, it provides a more youthful appearance            and smooths out your skin. A single peel will show amazing results or a series of (6) treatments will provide an amazing long-                    lasting more youthful look. This service comes highly recommended. 

*Note: All prices are subject to change at any time. Prices listed do not include applicable taxes