Urban Body Health Spa

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Urban Body has been a part of the downtown core of Waterloo for over 10 years!

Utilizing therapies which revive skin, Urban Body Health Spa is dedicated to the overall health and well-being of our clients, while our modern approach focuses on treating the complete individual. Our tranquil environment allows clients to rest, relax, revitalize and recharge from life's demands and stresses.


Our professionalism and expertise set us apart.

We use only the best products that care for your body's health and wellness, and help to rejuvenate your whole self. 

Facial care  ~  Thalgo skincare products.  Thalgo has become the uncontested name in the                               world of “Marine Beauty." The company creates, manufactures and markets                               treatments, cosmetic products and marine-based nutritional supplements in                               more than 90 countries, for thalassotherapy centers, spas and resorts. 

                          Yum Gourmet Skincare products.  Yüm is more than a skincare line it's a                                     philosophy that encourages fulfillment of potential and healthy more                                           balanced living. We acknowledge the mind body connection and it's                                             importance to overall health but also it's effect on the choices we as a                                             company make in the creation and production of our products. Yüm is                                         skincare with a conscience. 

For your feet  ~  Gehwol Foot care is as individual as the problems which make the lives of                                  our clients more difficult. Reliable help can only be provided if the                                                 respective problem is corrected precisely and efficiently. This is done by the                               wide product range of GEHWOL with the right mix of modern, long                                             proven and natural active substances and recipes.

Muscle therapy  -  Kalaya is a 100% Canadian brand. Research and development take place                                       in Waterloo, ON, and manufacturing in Concord, ON. We feel                                                      Canadians have particular skin & body care needs that are unique to this                                    climate, and our products have been designed by a Canadian Physician &                                    Pharmacist to specifically address these needs